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Re: senegal biting

Posted by PatrickB on 10/10/05
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    Hi, Lisa...
    Maybe he's fearful of hands, especially since being clipped. Who
    clipped him, and were you present to see how he was handled?
    Does this happen only when trying to get him to step up from a
    perch inside his cage? Is there anything he'll let you do that is
    pleasant once he's out? How do you react when he bites? Also, how
    does his cage height/perch height compare to your height?

    You might consider encouraging him to step up onto a dowel or
    handheld T-stand, and see if it helps. If he's hand-shy now, I
    suspect you'll have to work on his realizing that hands can bring
    GOOD things, like treats and skritchies.

    - Patrick

    On 10/10/05, lisa wrote:
    > Hi, he bites when trying to get him to step up, he doesent
    > seem to give any sign hes going to it. Hes been worse since
    > having his wings clipped thanks for your time Lisa