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Re: senegal biting

Posted by lisa on 10/14/05
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    hi, thanks for all your advice things have really inproved,Lenny
    will now let me stroke him, he bends his head down when he is ready
    for a tickel, he plays the blinking game with me and will step up,
    thankyou so much Lisa

    On 10/11/05, lisa wrote:
    > Hi, I took him to the vets to be clipped, I stayed with him and he
    > was really scared and growling. He will let me stroke his head,
    > chest and all around his beak through the cage. His cage is alot
    > higher than me as it has a large stand, ill take it off the stand
    > and see if that helps thanks for all your time Lisa
    > On 10/10/05, PatrickB wrote:
    >> Hi, Lisa...
    >> Maybe he's fearful of hands, especially since being clipped. Who
    >> clipped him, and were you present to see how he was handled?
    >> Does this happen only when trying to get him to step up from a
    >> perch inside his cage? Is there anything he'll let you do that
    > is
    >> pleasant once he's out? How do you react when he bites? Also,
    > how
    >> does his cage height/perch height compare to your height?
    >> You might consider encouraging him to step up onto a dowel or
    >> handheld T-stand, and see if it helps. If he's hand-shy now, I
    >> suspect you'll have to work on his realizing that hands can
    > bring
    >> GOOD things, like treats and skritchies.
    >> - Patrick
    >> On 10/10/05, lisa wrote:
    >>> Hi, he bites when trying to get him to step up, he doesent
    >>> seem to give any sign hes going to it. Hes been worse since
    >>> having his wings clipped thanks for your time Lisa