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Re: WIld Quaker

Posted by Fran on 10/20/05
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    On 10/17/05, COlleen wrote:
    > I am a wildlife rehabilitator in Ct. I was called about a
    > monk parakeet with a leg injury. I picked up the bird (it
    > was brought into a local pet store but someone who said it
    > was on the sidewalk and would not fly away.I bring it
    > home, absolutely no leg injury, there is a crack on the
    > beak that looks healed. The bird squaks when handled. But
    > will sit nose to beak with me at the cage.I am wondering
    > if this was a pet, a biter and someone let it go. Opinions?

    Colleen, I have tried to find out if it is legal to own
    quakers in Ct. and have found conflicting info. Everything
    from "legal to own, illegal to sell or breed", to "illegal
    to own". Unless you have a large established feral quaker
    population where you life, which I doubt because of the
    harsh winters, my guess would be this quaker is a lost or
    released pet. Are his wings clipped? That could explain why
    he didn't fly away. If you have room and can provide a good
    home for this bird, maybe you should quietly keep it. If
    not, be careful finding him a new home, as I wouldn't
    advertise that you have it, just in case. By the way, how is
    he doing now?