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Post: Quakers and Woodstove smoke?

Posted by Quaker's Mom -Sherry in Indiana on 10/30/05

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    Hello Quaker Lovers,
    I am fairly new to birds and Quakers. I have had my
    Quaker for over a year now. His name is Quaker, he is a
    very talented talker and is in very good health. His age is
    unknown as I am his 4th owner due to the damage he has done
    to his previous owners. (He bites big time.) I love this
    bird and want him to have the best possible care. I have
    read everything I can find on the care of Quakers. I don't
    use scented candles, chemical cleaners, teflon, etc.
    I have a woodstove that is about 20 ft away from Quaker's
    cage. I did not use it last year for fear the smoke that
    sometimes gets in the house when I light the stove would
    hurt him. I am not afraid the stove will burn him, he is
    used to being in his cage. Do any of you have experience
    with Quakers and woodstove or fireplace smoke? Am I being
    overly cautious? I would appreciate any feedback.
    Quaker's Mom

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