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Post: Bad Bird

Posted by Sonya Bailey on 11/14/05

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    HELP!!!! My beautiful, 4-yr-old, female aqua-mutation
    Quaker has turned into a monster. As the human solely
    responsible for spoiling her beyond rotten, I feel I
    deserve a bit of respect in not being bitten and charged at
    whenever Little Miss Cranky-Beak feels the need to be

    She was the sweetest little chirpet for the first 3 years,
    then all the sudden—Wham!! Watch out for the evil beak. She
    progressively became meaner over the next year bringing us
    to the present. The only person she is not abusive to is my
    husband. He doesn’t take any flak from her. Otherwise she
    is biting, trying to bite, or air- beaking, in addition to
    croaking and/or barking (irritating sounds). Being in or
    out of her cage makes no difference

    Over this past year I’ve focused on providing the best
    environment possible, ensuring she gets 12 hours of
    peaceful sleep, rigidly watching her diet (much to her
    chagrin) and always behaving consistently loving towards

    Her regular diet does not appear deficient—Harrison’s Bird
    Food, lots of fresh veggies and fruit, and whole grains are
    included. She seldom gets any junk food except for the
    occasional Flamin’ Cheetoe (her fav). She does eat
    non-approved foods such as soy yogurt and English muffins
    with butter, but not on a daily basis.

    To my knowledge, she is in good health. I took her to the
    vet last month and had a complete work-up done. She was
    given a clean bill of health. Naturally she charmed all of
    staff until they tried to touch her. Wicked bird!

    One last issue: I’ve been sick this past year,
    unfortunately a brain tumor has returned. Could it be that
    she wants to kick me out of the flock ? I wonder if she has
    matured, and this is what I’m gonna have to deal with, or
    if she’s wanting to make babies, or ????

    Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thank You. Sonya
    Bailey, Kenai, Alaska

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