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Re: For Mickie

Posted by Bob R/CA on 11/19/05
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    On 11/19/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 11/19/05, Mickie wrote:
    >> Today I posted a newspaper article about the killing of Monk
    >> Parakeets going on in my State of Connecticut. I wanted to
    >> do something on behalf of our Quakers and was asking the
    >> bird community on this chatboard to help me with video
    >> clips on their talking parakeets.
    >> Both posts were deleted. Can you tell me if there was
    >> something wrong with the context of my posts?
    >> Thank you.
    >> Mickie
    > Mickie,
    > I can still see both of your postings. From what I can
    > they weren't deleted.

    I haven't deleted anything on these boards in many days.
    Possibly one of the boards aren't updating? Which board was