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Re: For Mickie

Posted by Bob R/CA on 11/19/05
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    On 11/19/05, Bob R/CA wrote:
    > On 11/19/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 11/19/05, Mickie wrote:
    >>> Today I posted a newspaper article about the killing of Monk
    >>> Parakeets going on in my State of Connecticut. I wanted to
    >>> do something on behalf of our Quakers and was asking the
    >>> bird community on this chatboard to help me with video
    >>> clips on their talking parakeets.
    >>> Both posts were deleted. Can you tell me if there was
    >>> something wrong with the context of my posts?
    >>> Thank you.
    >>> Mickie
    >> Mickie,
    >> I can still see both of your postings. From what I can
    > tell,
    >> they weren't deleted.
    > I haven't deleted anything on these boards in many days.
    > Possibly one of the boards aren't updating? Which board was
    > it?

    Make sure your browser is set to "check page each time" or the
    like (cache settings). Your browser may not be flushing the old
    page from the chatboard. To manually do this, hold down the
    shift key and click the reload button in the top menu (may not
    work in all browsers/operating systems).

    But if your page is not updating, there's a good chance you
    won't be seeing this anyway.... :o)