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Post: Got a Brown Head baby!

Posted by Hayley on 12/02/05

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    Hi, I'm new here, can I join you? My name is Hayley and I
    have just recently bought a baby Brown Head called Jackie.
    (I also own a Congo African Grey) I knew so little about
    Poicephalus parrots before because I just considered them
    wild birds (they are indigenous in this country -
    Zimbabwe) I went to a bird auction with a view to buying
    another grey and met all these hand reared Brown Heads,
    Meyers, and Cape Parrots. I had no idea what incredible
    little pets they are. Suffice to say, I bought a Brown
    Head instead of another Grey! He is so sweet, loves to be
    handled and cuddled, eats his fruit and veg (that's one up
    on my Grey!) and is just no trouble at all. He even loves
    my kids.

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