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Re: Got a Brown Head baby!

Posted by Michael L on 12/03/05
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    On 12/02/05, Hayley wrote:
    > Hi, I'm new here, can I join you? My name is Hayley and I
    > have just recently bought a baby Brown Head called Jackie.
    > (I also own a Congo African Grey) I knew so little about
    > Poicephalus parrots before because I just considered them
    > wild birds (they are indigenous in this country -
    > Zimbabwe) I went to a bird auction with a view to buying
    > another grey and met all these hand reared Brown Heads,
    > Meyers, and Cape Parrots. I had no idea what incredible
    > little pets they are. Suffice to say, I bought a Brown
    > Head instead of another Grey! He is so sweet, loves to be
    > handled and cuddled, eats his fruit and veg (that's one up
    > on my Grey!) and is just no trouble at all. He even loves
    > my kids.

    Welcome, Haley.
    You will love your Brownhead parrot. They are probably the
    sweetest of all the Poicephalus. What they lack in flashy
    appearance they make up in personality and charm. They have
    a subtle beauty of their own.
    Best of luck to you with Jackie.

    Michael L