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Re: Got a Brown Head baby!

Posted by Toby's Mom on 12/03/05
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    I don't own a brown headed parrot but our friend and bird
    sitter owns a 12-year-old female brown headed parrot
    named "Caper" and she is a true sweetie. She isn't a great
    talker, although says the cutist "Howdy", but she loves to
    whistle and is packed full of personality. A low-keyed bird
    that loves to be handled and where near as loud
    as our Mitred conure. We are always telling our friend to take
    more trips so we can care for Caper when she is away. Also,
    told her if for some reason she can no longer keep her sweet
    bird we would take her in a flash!

    Enjoy your new friend!

    On 12/03/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/02/05, Hayley wrote:
    >> Hi, I'm new here, can I join you? My name is Hayley and I
    >> have just recently bought a baby Brown Head called Jackie.
    >> (I also own a Congo African Grey) I knew so little about
    >> Poicephalus parrots before because I just considered them
    >> wild birds (they are indigenous in this country -
    >> Zimbabwe) I went to a bird auction with a view to buying
    >> another grey and met all these hand reared Brown Heads,
    >> Meyers, and Cape Parrots. I had no idea what incredible
    >> little pets they are. Suffice to say, I bought a Brown
    >> Head instead of another Grey! He is so sweet, loves to be
    >> handled and cuddled, eats his fruit and veg (that's one up
    >> on my Grey!) and is just no trouble at all. He even loves
    >> my kids.
    > Welcome, Haley.
    > You will love your Brownhead parrot. They are probably the
    > sweetest of all the Poicephalus. What they lack in flashy
    > appearance they make up in personality and charm. They have
    > a subtle beauty of their own.
    > Best of luck to you with Jackie.
    > Michael L