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Re: Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 12/13/05
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    On 12/13/05, John wrote:
    > Just bought a month old Senegal today. Was told will be
    > able to pick up bird at end of January. At what age do they
    > wean?
    > This looks to me about 10 weeks. Does this sound right?

    Congratulations John on your new addition.
    You will get various and conflicting opinions as to the time
    frame any baby bird will be weaned.
    First and foremost, it is up to the individual bird when it
    decides it is weaned. If done properly, the term is know
    as "abundance weaning."
    Ten weeks is very early if you ask me. I find most of the
    Poicephalus don't even begin to wean until they are at least
    12-15 weeks. Some take even longer.
    If you purchased a bird from a store that's hand feeding, I'm
    not surprised that they would tell you ten weeks. If from a
    breeder, I would have a more in-depth discussion with this

    Michael L