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Re: Senegal

Posted by John on 12/14/05
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    On 12/13/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/13/05, John wrote:
    >> Just bought a month old Senegal today. Was told will be
    >> able to pick up bird at end of January. At what age do they
    >> wean?
    >> This looks to me about 10 weeks. Does this sound right?
    > Congratulations John on your new addition.
    > You will get various and conflicting opinions as to the time
    > frame any baby bird will be weaned.
    > First and foremost, it is up to the individual bird when it
    > decides it is weaned. If done properly, the term is know
    > as "abundance weaning."
    > Ten weeks is very early if you ask me. I find most of the
    > Poicephalus don't even begin to wean until they are at least
    > 12-15 weeks. Some take even longer.
    > If you purchased a bird from a store that's hand feeding, I'm
    > not surprised that they would tell you ten weeks. If from a
    > breeder, I would have a more in-depth discussion with this
    > person.
    > Michael L
    Micheal L

    Thanks for your input. I bought the bird from an all Bird
    store called Parrot Kingdom in Sunrise Florida.
    I think he is also a breeder. The place was not to big but
    clean and the birds seem to be well taken care of.
    Thanks again .