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Re: Red Bellied gone crazy

Posted by Cheryl on 12/24/05
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    She flew away continuously, and
    > I know I should not chase her, but had to in order to get
    > out of the house. Just to clarify, I only waited at her
    > cage for her to fly back and then made another attempt to
    > pick her up, then she would fly again, land again, fly
    > again...until she bagan flying into walls, where I ended up
    > picking her up off the floor with a towel. She is now
    > wavering between tolerance of me in the room, and being
    > completely terrified when I simply move, even if I'm all
    > the way across the room. There just seems to be no logic to
    > any of it,

    There is simple "logic" to it, you just aren't aware of it!
    In case you didn't know, Poicephalus in general have
    tendancies to be phobic, some birds more than others, some
    not at all. You and your bird went from a very loving
    relationship to one in which all she sees is you "rushing"
    with her, chasing her around getting panicked, while flying
    into walls, becasue this "thing" that she previously trusted
    (and is 100 times her size) is now trying to get her into a
    towel to get her caged again, and you see no "logic" in her
    recent behavior? Put yourself in her place.

    I know birds are not logical, but the more I try
    > to sweet talk her, the more frightened she becomes. I am
    > keeping her in her cage now, this is the first day. Is it
    > possible she is frightened from being confined to her cage,
    > since normally she is out whenever I am home? I plan to
    > have her wings clipped as soon as she has calmed down, if
    > she does. Until then I can't begin step ups or she will
    > flee in fear or simply out of wildness. I'm just so hurt by
    > this since she was a great friend a week ago and can't
    > explaing the sudden fear. Will she ever trust me again?

    You have her frightened out of her wits. "Sweet talking her
    for a day isn't going to remedy things. Her whole world has
    changed. A year old parrot is still a baby. She will calm
    down after her wings are clipped, and you gain her trust
    again. by going slowly. talking softly, and not rushing her
    into anything she isn't ready for. Have her wings (both of
    them) clipped NOW. Start slowly with step ups, just a
    couple, a few times a day. If you sense her stressing, stop
    and resume later. Offer her her favorite treats, and just
    hold and kiss her (if she likes that much touching)