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Re: Meyers Parrot

Posted by apaige on 1/30/06
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    On 1/15/06, catyjo wrote:
    > I just purchased a Meyers parrot. I pick her up next
    > Saturday. She is older (10) but very loving and
    > I have been holding her and visiting with her for about 2
    > months before I made the decision to purchase her. I
    > bought her from a private breeder who breeds and sells so
    > she is very healthy. I just wondered how I could make her
    > transition easier for her. There will be alot more action
    > with kids and other pets. The breeder has all kinds of
    > birds etc and a dog but doesnt have all the commotion that
    > I have going on during the week. Anyone have any
    > suggestions?

    I am sorry no one replied to your question.
    I hope the transition is working out.
    I am writing to ask you a question. I have been looking for
    a Meyer's for over a year with no luck, could you share with
    me the name of your breeder?
    Thank You