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Re: Breeding Poicephalus

Posted by Michael L on 1/23/06
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    On 1/23/06, Lance wrote:
    > I am fairly new to breeding the poicephalus species and
    > was just qondering how most people had them set up? I had
    > heard that they did the best when they could hear each
    > other, but not see each other. Is this correct? I would
    > like to hear some points of view on this as I have
    > purchased some nice healthy pairs and want them to be
    > successful breeding.
    > Thanks,
    > Lance

    It's true that the general school of thought is that
    Poicephalus do better when out of sight of each other but can
    hear each other.
    There are exceptions to this rule.
    I don't know what species you have, but my Senegals, Lesser
    Jardines and Red Bellied can all see each other from across
    the room. I do put visual barriers on the sides of the cages
    should there be pairs that have cages that are next to each
    I've not had problems with this set up as far as breeding
    As far as nest boxes are concerned, I've found that the boot-
    style box or apartment box works very well.
    You mentioned that you purchased some pairs. I don't know
    from whom you bought them, but I would tell you this...if
    they didn't come with DNA papers or surgical sexing tattoos,
    have them DNA'd. Since no Poicephalus is visually dimorphic,
    a lot of time can be saved if you were sold same-gender pairs.
    It can prevent frustration and time lost if it happened to
    Good luck with your birds. By the way, what do you have?

    Michael L