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Re: Breeding Poicephalus

Posted by Lance on 1/23/06
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    Thanks for posting a response! It is very much appreciated.
    Right now I have Senegals and Meyers and would like to add
    some Jardines in the future. I have had all the birds DNA'd
    after having purchased 3 females and ending up with 2 females
    and a male. Only the Meyers pair was supposedly proven when I
    bought them. I bought them because when I saw them they were
    both very large, very colorful birds. They all have boot nst
    boxes and get a varied diet of pellets, seed, soak and cook,
    veggies, fruits, etc. What size cages do you have your birds
    in? The 2 Senegal pairs can visually see each other and I am
    trying to determine if placing one pair above the other would
    be better. Also do you have yours near other birds?? I have
    some pairs of Green cheeks and Lovebirds in the same area as
    the Poicephalus. Thanks again.

    > Lance,
    > It's true that the general school of thought is that
    > Poicephalus do better when out of sight of each other but
    > hear each other.
    > There are exceptions to this rule.
    > I don't know what species you have, but my Senegals, Lesser
    > Jardines and Red Bellied can all see each other from across
    > the room. I do put visual barriers on the sides of the
    > should there be pairs that have cages that are next to each
    > other.
    > I've not had problems with this set up as far as breeding
    > goes.
    > As far as nest boxes are concerned, I've found that the boot-

    > style box or apartment box works very well.
    > You mentioned that you purchased some pairs. I don't know
    > from whom you bought them, but I would tell you this...if
    > they didn't come with DNA papers or surgical sexing tattoos,
    > have them DNA'd. Since no Poicephalus is visually
    > a lot of time can be saved if you were sold same-gender
    > It can prevent frustration and time lost if it happened to
    > you.
    > Good luck with your birds. By the way, what do you have?
    > Michael L