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Re: Red-bellied Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 1/30/06
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    On 1/30/06, Sherry wrote:
    > I've purchased my first bird ever and will be bringing him
    > home in a couple of weeks. can anyone give me advice from
    > when I walk in my front door the first time with him?
    > Should I put him right in his cage? Should I hold him and
    > calm him for awhile? Should I put him on the top of his
    > cage to look around? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

    Congratulations on your Red-bellied Senegal. There aren't
    many of those around. This baby is a true red-breasted

    Your bird is going to be stressed from leaving the only home
    it's ever known. Be patient with him.
    Certainly you can hold and comfort him, but he should have
    some time alone in his cage to possibly get a bite to eat and
    Don't overwhelm him and talk to him in reassuring tones. If
    he want's to be held, by all means do so. If he'd rather be
    in his cage, then let him make that decision.
    Play it by ear and watch for signs that the bird will give
    Good luck with your new companion.

    Michael L