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Re: Senegal May Be Mine (Again)/ Michael

Posted by Mickie on 2/07/06
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    On 1/31/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 1/31/06, Amy wrote:
    >> Hi. About 2 1/2 years ago I had to sell my Senegal that I
    >> had for about 6 months. The other day my friend had me
    >> look at the classified ads to see a bird she was going to
    >> buy and the ad right underneath it caught my attention
    >> because it read so much like the one I had placed 2 1/2
    >> years ago. Well, turns out it's him! I am considering
    >> buying him back since I always felt bad about having to
    >> sell him, but now he "may need some work". What to do you
    >> guys think the chances of rehabing a Senegal are? I have
    >> done it with a grey - but don't know too much about the
    >> Senegals since I only had him a short time. Just wanted
    >> some advice. Thanks!
    > Sounds like this was meant to be if you ask me.
    > I have a Senegal that I purchased as a potential breeding
    > mate for a single male that I had.
    > When I went to purchase her, knowing she was a breeding bird,
    > I was not concerned when the former owner caught her in a net
    > and handled her with gloves. At this point, I was there to
    > buy it and bring it home.
    > After the usual quarantine and such I tried pairing it with
    > the potential male mate and it was a disaster. She was not
    > receptive to him and both would have eventually killed or
    > hurt each other.
    > I put her in her own cage and cared for her as I would any
    > other bird, but not a a pet as she had never been handled.
    > I tell you all of this for a reason. This bird was always in
    > a breeding situation although she didn't do very well.
    > I talked to her as I do all of my pet and breeding birds.
    > One day when I was tending to her feed cup she came towards
    > me and I had no idea why. I've been bitten before but
    > thought I'd give this a chance. It was almost a subconscious
    > thought as I really didn't have much time to think about it.
    > She walked towards me on her perch and put her foot up as if
    > to say "I want to step up." And she did. She started to
    > make soft chortling noises and lowered her head to have it
    > scratched. From that day forward she became a pet bird of
    > mine.
    > She is one of the sweetest birds that I have and to this day
    > she has never bitten me or even attempted to bite.
    > She was close to 12 years old by the date on her band.
    > The bird you're asking about has a very good chance of doing
    > well if it was to come home and live with you. It's already
    > in a home situation and was kept at a pet.
    > Anything is possible.
    > Michael L

    Another beautiful story. I bet you have hundreds. You really
    out to write a book.