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Re: A new experience

Posted by Michael L on 2/07/06
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    On 2/07/06, Lance wrote:
    > Okay here is one that I am perplexed by. Last summer I
    > purchased a "proven" pair of Meyers. I have had them here
    > now for over 6 months. They have always gotten along
    > wonderfully, they sleep right up next to each other, they
    > feed each other. I had attached a nest box about 2 months
    > ago and they had been working that. The other day I heard
    > a commotion and went out to find them fighting to the
    > death on the bottom of the cage. It took the water hose
    > to break them up. Since then they seem to be getting
    > along okay although they aren't as friendly as they were
    > before. Also the male's eye is all swollen shut and
    > pretty rough looking. Has anyone ever experienced
    > something like this and also any ideas for some sort of an
    > antibiotic treatment, etc that I could do without having
    > to catch the birds??
    > Thanks,
    > Lance

    We'll just assume that they are a bonded/proven pair,
    although the behavior you described is not normal for pairs
    that are devoted to each other.
    Often times when one of the birds of the pair isn't in
    breeding mode and the other is, there can be scuffles or
    disagreements. It is not the norm for them to attack with
    such vengeance.
    Based upon what I know about eye disorders, most if not all
    are treated topically and not internally. Even if an
    antibiotic is prescribed, the actual wound is managed with an
    ointment or liquid drop.
    The bird should be separated from the hen and seen by an
    avian vet.

    Michael L