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Re: A new experience

Posted by Lance on 2/07/06
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    There in lies one of the problems. We do not have any Avian
    vets in the area and I hesitate to stress the bird anymore by
    taking it out and taking to a vet that isn't good with birds.

    > We'll just assume that they are a bonded/proven pair,
    > although the behavior you described is not normal for pairs
    > that are devoted to each other.
    > Often times when one of the birds of the pair isn't in
    > breeding mode and the other is, there can be scuffles or
    > disagreements. It is not the norm for them to attack with
    > such vengeance.
    > Based upon what I know about eye disorders, most if not all
    > are treated topically and not internally. Even if an
    > antibiotic is prescribed, the actual wound is managed with
    > ointment or liquid drop.
    > The bird should be separated from the hen and seen by an
    > avian vet.
    > Michael L