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Re: A new experience

Posted by Michael L on 2/07/06
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    On 2/07/06, Lance wrote:
    > There in lies one of the problems. We do not have any Avian
    > vets in the area and I hesitate to stress the bird anymore by
    > taking it out and taking to a vet that isn't good with birds.
    >> We'll just assume that they are a bonded/proven pair,
    >> although the behavior you described is not normal for pairs
    >> that are devoted to each other.
    >> Often times when one of the birds of the pair isn't in
    >> breeding mode and the other is, there can be scuffles or
    >> disagreements. It is not the norm for them to attack with
    >> such vengeance.
    >> Based upon what I know about eye disorders, most if not all
    >> are treated topically and not internally. Even if an
    >> antibiotic is prescribed, the actual wound is managed with
    > an
    >> ointment or liquid drop.
    >> The bird should be separated from the hen and seen by an
    >> avian vet.
    >> Michael L

    With all due respect, an eye problem in a bird is not that
    different from a cat, dog or gerbil and can be seen by a regular
    If this was something that was a bird specific disease or
    disorder I might be more understanding of your situation.
    If you don't have an avian vet that you feel is within a workable
    distance of your home, you might want to rethink raising birds as
    this will not be the only time you will need to consult an avian
    vet or possibly seek treatment.
    You will encounter health problems and illness that will not be
    able to be treated by yourself with home remedies or internet

    Michael L