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Post: Update on Senegal (Mine Again)

Posted by Amy on 2/08/06

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    Well I went to pick up "Captain Morgan" on Sunday and the
    girl who had originally bought him from me had him back in
    her computer room. I walked back to see him and his cage
    was so DISGUSTING! It was my cage originally that I gave
    to her when she took "CM". I am almost positive she hadn't
    cleaned it in the 2 1/2 years she had him. Food and debris
    was spilling out the sides of the tray onto the floor.
    There was no grate in the bottom because it was apparently
    too full to bother putting that in there. Why she didn't
    clean it when she knew I was coming to take it - I don't
    know. "CM" was looking away from us when we walked in the
    room and my friend said something to him, but he didn't
    look. Then I said, "Hey Captain" and he whipped around
    really quick to look at me. His pupils were going
    big/small/big/small as he checked me out. She said that he
    liked to be petted, but not held. She went up to the cage
    and tried to get him out but he just kept acting like he
    was going to bite her. I went up to the cage and mumbled -
    "I have 2 greys, I'm not afraid of that beak" and stuck
    my hand in the cage. He immediately stepped up with no
    problem. I was also able to scratch his head.

    So - we went home and gave his cage a good bath. We threw
    out all his toys (they were Macaw toys!) and I set him up
    with all new perches and toys. He just fluttered his wings
    with excitment. Now everytime he sees me he gets so
    excited! He says "hey, what are you doing" in his little
    robotic voice and makes kissy noises. He always comes out
    of his cage right away and loves to be cuddled. I am so
    glad he is back! Only problem we are having is that he is
    now a seed only junkie, but we are trying to change that!

    Sorry this is so long, but just wanted to share! Thanks

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