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Re: Weaning and Potty Training

Posted by Debbie on 2/13/06
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    Congrads on the new baby. I have hand raised cockatiels,
    parakeets and the smaller conures before and I am now
    waiting for my senegals and TAG's to be old enough to breed.
    I am ready for the little bit bigger birds and hopefully it
    will be this year.
    I got my babies to eat baby food mixed up with some finch
    seed after they got use to eating baby food off of a spoon
    at about 5-6 weeks plus the regular syringe feedings. I also
    gave them veggies on a paper towel plus seed once in a while
    to get them used to eating different foods. The older they
    got the more I started feeding them veggies before their
    food and they picked up on that quicker than I thought they

    For potty training I use a wicker basket with a handle
    (natural because they will chew on it and one that wont tip
    easy) I can hang a toy on and carry it from room to room to
    have them by me but not getting pooped on as much. I have
    paper towels in the bottom for the potty area and just take
    the birds off of my shoulder every little bit and put them
    up on the handle. I tell them to be a good bird especially
    if and when they do go. Some birds are easier than others so
    it might take some time.
    Hope this helps a little.
    If I can help with any questions just e-me.

    On 2/09/06, Sherry wrote:
    > Well, I brought my Red-Belly home last Saturday. The dog
    > and cat want nothing to do with him! The dog is starting
    > to come around. The bird, Johnnie, is 9 weeks old. I'm
    > hand-feeding him twice a day. At what point do you think
    > he will drop the morning feeding? When should he be fully
    > weaned? He is a very sweet bird. Also - can you give me
    > some tips on potty training? Thanks!