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Post: Nippy Sengal

Posted by John on 2/15/06

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    I got my Senegal at the end of January. Hatch date was
    Nov.12th,2005. Told she was weaned. But would not eat. So
    started to hand feed again. I am giving her 2 feedings a
    day. One in the morning and one at night. Also veggies 2
    times a day, pellets and some seed. My problem is she is
    very nippy. Is this normal? And will it stop when she is
    weaned. Michael L told me before they wean at 12 to 15
    weeks. Also should I go down to one feeding a day. And when
    should it be day or night. Were I bought the bird closed up
    so I can't talk to them that is why I had to pick up the
    bird by Jan.27th. Any way I can try to get her to stop
    being nippy. Thanks John

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