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Re: My Red-Belly, Johnnie

Posted by John on 2/16/06
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    On 2/16/06, Sherry wrote:
    > Ok, things are going well so far. Johnnie's hatch date was
    > 12/5/05. He is on 2 hand-feedings a day and is eating food
    > in his cage as well as eating people food that I give him
    > by hand. He's so cute - he is using his foot to hold his
    > food while he eats - a new development. Now - the question
    > I have is that my cat is getting too interested in him.
    > This morning when I took him out of his cage, he flew onto
    > the floor to go exploring - I knelt close to him. Well,
    > the cat flew out of the bedroom, down the hallway and was
    > close to the bird in a split second! I was able to snatch
    > the bird up before the cat made it to him. What can I do
    > other than close the cat in another room while the bird is
    > on the floor?

    If you want to keep your bird alive then get rid of the cat.
    You might forget to lock in the cat one day and that will be
    the end of your bird.