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Re: Sherry

Posted by Debby on 2/17/06
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    Sherry, I will have to say that my birds were here before my cats
    were. They were kittens when I bought them, so they kinda were brought
    up around the birds. They never tried to go after them at all. I have
    a red factor male canary, that is beautiful. Now the cats will sit on
    the sofa and watch him, but they never try to jump on the cage or
    anything. Did you have your cat before the birds? IF thats the case,
    maybe someone else with experience with that can help you. As I said,
    my bird were here first, and the kittens grew up with them.

    Wish I could be of more help.


    > Ok, guys - so how did you keep your cats from going for your bird
    > (s)? Did they just leave the bird(s) alone from the beginning or
    > did you have to teach them somehow? I want everyone to live in
    > harmony!
    > Sherry
    > On 2/17/06, Debby wrote:
    >> My cats are not killers either. They don't try to go after my
    >> birds. I have a tiger cat, looks like Michaels, and I have an all
    >> black cat. They sit in the same room as the birds, and don't
    >> bother them a bit!
    >> Debby
    >> PS. Michael, loved that picture!
    >>> On 2/16/06, John wrote:
    >>>> If you want to keep your bird alive then get rid of the cat.
    >>>> You might forget to lock in the cat one day and that will be
    >>>> the end of your bird.
    >>>> John
    >>> Hey John! Not all cats are killers. ;) Every cat has it's own
    >>> unique personality. My cat can be trusted with any of my birds
    >>> both indoors and out.
    >>> Michael L