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Re: Sherry

Posted by Michael L on 2/17/06
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    On 2/17/06, Debby wrote:
    > Sherry, I will have to say that my birds were here before my cats
    > were. They were kittens when I bought them, so they kinda were brought
    > up around the birds. They never tried to go after them at all. I have
    > a red factor male canary, that is beautiful. Now the cats will sit on
    > the sofa and watch him, but they never try to jump on the cage or
    > anything. Did you have your cat before the birds? IF thats the case,
    > maybe someone else with experience with that can help you. As I said,
    > my bird were here first, and the kittens grew up with them.
    > Wish I could be of more help.
    > Debby

    Mine is the exact opposite story. My cat came to me from living at a
    garden center. She was a mouser and lived both indoors (in the store)
    and outside. She definitely has the "killing instinct" as she does go
    after chipmunks, voles, etc.
    But, and I know this is going to sound silly, she is amazingly special
    and smart. What ever you tell her she understands and will do. I
    know that sounds as if it's crazy, but I kid you not. It's like there
    is a person inside of her.
    When she saw the birds for the first time she looked interested. I
    told her those were my birds and they lived here just as she does.
    That was that. She has never so much attempted to do anything to any
    of them. They can walk right in front of her and she'll either stay
    there or move if it's one of the bigger birds.
    I know your laughing and thinking he's nuts (and I probably am) but
    it's the truth.
    The bottom line is I firmly believe that some animals, such as cats,
    which have an instinctive drive to hunt and kill, can be reformed or
    trained not to do so. Do I think all cats can? No, I don't. The
    individual personality is going to have a great influence on what the
    future relationship holds for your cat and your bird.
    Whatever you do, don't jeopardize your bird to prove a point with your

    Michael L