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Re: Sherry

Posted by Fran on 2/17/06
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    Sherry, My experience is that cats who have been outdoors and
    hunted/killed birds are nearly impossible to "reform". The instinct is
    just too strong. I have two cats who are 15 years old and have never
    been outdoors and have no interest in my birds. However when these cats
    pass on, I will probably not replace them, I just don't want to take the
    If your cat has already shown interest in going for your bird I wouldn't
    chance ever leaving her in the same room with your bird. I have
    personally seen a cat charge a bird in its' cage and knock the cage to
    the floor to get to the bird. I tend to err on the side of caution in
    this situation because I know too many people who have lost their birds
    to a cat. Good luck with your new baby!