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Re: My Red-Belly, Johnnie

Posted by Cheryl on 2/17/06
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    On 2/17/06, Debby wrote:
    > My cats are not killers either. They don't try to go after my
    > birds. I have a tiger cat, looks like Michaels, and I have an all
    > black cat. They sit in the same room as the birds, and don't
    > bother them a bit!
    > Debby
    >I just wanted to add my 12 cents to this conversation. We had 2
    cats that we had had all their lives, since very small kittens.
    They lived with birds forever. Never paid the slightest bit of
    attention to them, regardless of how small the particular bird
    was...One of the 12, (Sam was his name) had to be put down at close
    to 17 years of age, due to failing health. That left the other
    cat, who was 11 years old at the time. As I said, neither cat ever
    gave me a bit of a problem with the birds. One day, (totally my
    fault, not the cats, as is instinctive) I left a food door open on
    one of the was on a Parrotlet cage, so the bird was nice
    and tiny, and looked like easy pray for the cat, I guess...I came
    home to a dead bird.

    I share this story, because I don't care how much you trust your
    cat, it IS INSTINCTIVE. As I said, I don't blame the cat. Things
    do happen. My cat was 11 years old, never in all those years even
    looked sideways at the birds, and had been an exclusively indoor
    cat all his life.