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Re: My Red-Belly, Johnnie

Posted by Sherry on 2/17/06
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    All right then - After reading all of your most helpful advice - I can
    say that it would be a good idea to keep the cat closed up in another
    room if the bird is on the floor exploring. I've had the cat since she
    was 3 - 1/2 years old. She was given up for adoption because her
    owners had two miniature pinchers who picked on her. I don't know if
    she's ever been outside - not that I know of - I have never had her
    outside since I've had her. I think that instict is so ingrained in
    some cats that no matter how 'domesticated' they may seem - the
    wildness will come out if conditions are right. And, I believe it's
    true that it is not the cat's fault. It would be entirely my fault if
    I thought my cat wouldn't dare hurt the bird. So, Thanks - I'll be
    very careful. Now, my toy poodle is a big baby and would never harm
    the bird!

    On 2/17/06, cheryl wrote:
    > On 2/17/06, Sherry wrote:
    >> Ok, guys - so how did you keep your cats from going for your bird
    >> (s)? Did they just leave the bird(s) alone from the beginning or
    >> did you have to teach them somehow? I want everyone to live in
    >> harmony!
    >> Sherry
    > Sherry,
    > since your cat has clearly shown you just how strong her instinct is,
    > you need to be extra careful, and always make sure that she is behind
    > a securely closed door at all times when the birds are out. after
    > seeing your cat make a beeline for your bird within seconds of it
    > being on the floor, I'd never trust it with the birds again, ever.
    > you need to keep everythign completely supervised 100&37; of the
    > no matter how long the cat acts "good"