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Re: Sherry

Posted by Jim on 2/21/06
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    On 2/17/06, Fran wrote:
    > Sherry, My experience is that cats who have been outdoors and
    > hunted/killed birds are nearly impossible to "reform". The instinct is
    > just too strong. I have two cats who are 15 years old and have never
    > been outdoors and have no interest in my birds. However when these cats
    > pass on, I will probably not replace them, I just don't want to take the
    > risk.
    > If your cat has already shown interest in going for your bird I wouldn't
    > chance ever leaving her in the same room with your bird. I have
    > personally seen a cat charge a bird in its' cage and knock the cage to
    > the floor to get to the bird. I tend to err on the side of caution in
    > this situation because I know too many people who have lost their birds
    > to a cat. Good luck with your new baby!
    The thing is birds can nip a dog or cat and even the best of animals can
    retaliate and it only takes a split second for a bird to lose its head.
    I know people let birds play around their dogs and yes it is cute but what
    if the dog has muscle soreness or anything to the extent it is not feeling
    100% well and the bird pecks it? The dog can not be blamed for nipping back
    and there can be one headless bird and that's an awful sight and trauma.
    Many people do not mix species in birds and rightly so but think dogs and
    cats are o.k. around birds unsupervised. Not in my book. It is instinct for
    cats to kill birds and I also know there are cats do not have this instinct
    and can be marginally trusted but it is a risk to risk the life of a bird
    who trusts us to care for it.