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Re: a new home for my meyers parrot

Posted by Cheryl on 3/16/06
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    Because she becomes this way after 11 yrs
    > its that easy to give her up because she is restless and
    > aggressive?
    > Kel

    I agree with you, Kel. I, too, amd confused at this attitude
    after 11 years...

    First thing I'd do is to get the bird a complete workup at an
    Avian veterinarian to rule out any medical causes for the
    change, and if that proves to be OK, I'd start out slowly and
    patiently, just like when you brought the bird home the first

    Pets are not to be thrown away just because you decide they are
    not acting "correctly" according to your human standards.
    After 11 years? Geez, I guess anything is disposable to some
    people nowadays...

    How very sad. Indeed.