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Re: a new home for my meyers parrot

Posted by Dave on 3/17/06
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    On 3/15/06, burrengirl wrote:
    > Could someone offer sound advice?
    > I am no longer able to care for my first and only bird,
    > Chiquita, a 13-year-old Meyers. We have been together the
    > last 11 years and she is bonded to me, alone, but has grown
    > more restless and aggressive in the last year to the point
    > of biting me violently without warning. She is also much
    > more (stridently, persistently) vocal. I have always spent
    > quality time with her daily and have introduced her to
    > experiences unusual for most birds. Not fond of toys or
    > playing, she always seemed to be waiting for her human to
    > come home; she allows me to handle her intimately but now
    > even that most favorite thing doesn't seem enough. She came
    > to me angry and biting from her last owner and our time
    > together has gentled her down remarkably, but she is no
    > longer able to stay with me or in my home. My
    > questions: Could Chiquita need a bird -- not a human --
    > mate? Is she full of energy that could be spent preening
    > or cuddling with another meyers? Does she need the noise
    > and energy of other birds in her life? Could she benefit
    > from an aviary home? Could she adapt to sharing life with
    > numerous other birds and benefit from interacting with
    > them? Or would she be lost or grow listless missing
    > her 'person' and familiar, daily routine? Would she be able
    > to bond to anyone else? Is she at all a good candidate for
    > another long-term relationship -- with a bird or a
    > person? I am incredibly sad to think this fascinating and
    > wonderful creature might suffer at someone else's hands,
    > and I am aware of how many birds are simply wasted every
    > year in our country. I had fully intended to keep her all
    > her life when I brought her home. But I believe that I have
    > not only shared a great life with Chiq but that she may be
    > needing to live another kind of life altogether, to get
    > some of her needs met. What can anyone advise??
    > I am
    > Pretty Much Broken-Hearted in California

    Just a couple of quick things here..... As the other
    responders have said, your post is very confusing, BUT
    there's a couple of things you said that ARE serious and I
    hope I'm misreading it. You said that you're handling your
    bird intimately...If that means that you've been petting your
    bird on or near sexual areas THEN that would definitely cause
    erratic and extreme aggressiveness in any parrot if you were
    to ease up on doing that especially if the bird loves it and
    looks forward to it. If you've not been doing that on a
    regular basis, then your bird doesn't know when you will do
    it and will bite if you don't. Most people are told from day
    one not to pet birds on or near sexual areas.
    Another thing----Just what do you mean when you say """""have
    introduced her to experiences unusual for most birds."""""""
    Listen lady, all parrots have their good days and bad days
    and a person has to expect different mood swings and
    temporary attitude changes. No parrot will stay just the way
    you want him to be day after day after day all year long.
    That kind of a parrot just doesn't exist---Dave