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Re: About pair senegals i have???????

Posted by Gina on 4/11/06
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    On 3/20/06, Holly/PA wrote:
    > Hi.......Oh my god........i can not belive it.....i only
    > had my pair senegals 5 weeks......and i look nestbox they
    > got 1 egg.......My last pair senegals did nothing for
    > me......i had them 8 mos then i sold them...guy sold them
    > too...took them 6 month breed for him....he had cover the
    > whole cage to make her lay.....layed 3 eggs all hatch but
    > he did not know they were not feeding frist 1
    > hatched died then he pulled other 2 handfeed day 1.....but
    > at 2 weeks got sick and 2 weeks later they died......thats
    > SAD!! Thanx

    They did nothing for you? What is that all about? Are you
    under the impression that just because you pay for
    a "breeding pair", feed and clean them that they "owe you
    something"? They owe you nothing. Did you ever think that
    their failure to breed was due to something that you weren't
    providing for them? Maybe they just didn't feel comfortable
    enough yet, eight monthes is not that long. When you
    purchase an animal, breeder or not, its for better or worse.
    And then this new owner guy passes them along too. He failed
    to do his job right, it's not the birds' fault. I hope this
    time they found a home that cares more about PARROT and less
    about PROFIT. Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.