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Re: About pair senegals i have???????

Posted by Holly/PA on 4/13/06
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    On 4/11/06, Gina wrote:
    > On 3/20/06, Holly/PA wrote:
    >> Hi.......Oh my god........i can not belive it.....i only
    >> had my pair senegals 5 weeks......and i look nestbox they
    >> got 1 egg.......My last pair senegals did nothing for
    >> me......i had them 8 mos then i sold them...guy sold them
    >> too...took them 6 month breed for him....he had cover the
    >> whole cage to make her lay.....layed 3 eggs all hatch but
    >> he did not know they were not feeding frist 1
    >> hatched died then he pulled other 2 handfeed day 1.....but
    >> at 2 weeks got sick and 2 weeks later they died......thats
    >> SAD!! Thanx
    > They did nothing for you? What is that all about? Are you
    > under the impression that just because you pay for
    > a "breeding pair", feed and clean them that they "owe you
    > something"? They owe you nothing. Did you ever think that
    > their failure to breed was due to something that you weren't
    > providing for them? Maybe they just didn't feel comfortable
    > enough yet, eight monthes is not that long. When you
    > purchase an animal, breeder or not, its for better or worse.
    > And then this new owner guy passes them along too. He failed
    > to do his job right, it's not the birds' fault. I hope this
    > time they found a home that cares more about PARROT and less
    > about PROFIT. Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.

    For your info.......i got a new pair senegals and they layed 3
    eggs.....and will start hatching this weekend! I'm doing
    nothing wrong! Just thought i ask breeders that breed
    senegals....but guess i was wrong! Thanx Anyways!