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Re: About pair senegals i have???????

Posted by elizabeth on 4/15/06
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    i hope a necropsy was done on the babies, it is not normal
    to lose babies and if it is something that could cause
    illness it may be in your aviary.

    i would have everything tested to be sure....the first baby
    could be because they were not feeding but the others could
    be due to something else.

    parents sometimes KNOW when something is wrong and will not
    feed a sick/diseased/genetically flawed baby. that and i
    would do some swab tests in your own avairy for peace of
    mind, avian biotech has the test kits to get this done


    On 3/20/06, Holly/PA wrote:
    > Hi.......Oh my god........i can not belive it.....i only
    > had my pair senegals 5 weeks......and i look nestbox they
    > got 1 egg.......My last pair senegals did nothing for
    > me......i had them 8 mos then i sold them...guy sold them
    > too...took them 6 month breed for him....he had cover the
    > whole cage to make her lay.....layed 3 eggs all hatch but
    > he did not know they were not feeding frist 1
    > hatched died then he pulled other 2 handfeed day 1.....but
    > at 2 weeks got sick and 2 weeks later they died......thats
    > SAD!! Thanx