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Re: red bellied senegal wanted

Posted by Cheryl on 5/07/06
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    On 5/07/06, chris wrote:
    > On 5/07/06, chris wrote:
    >> my red bellied senegal was recently killed by my daughters
    >> dog. im devasted for he was a remarkable bird witn an
    >> extensive vocabulary. i miss him so much and im looking
    >> for another red bellied. i want a weaned healthy male.
    >> anyone who can help me please let me know. i'm looking to
    >> buy asap. thank you chris

    My condolences on your loss. Just curious, but does this dog
    live with you? It is way too common for people to have a false
    sense of security when it comes to birds with other pets.

    To everyone who may be reading this:

    Please always supervise ANY cage free when your home is also
    shared with other types of pets (and even other types of birds,
    for that matter).