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Re: Red Belly vocabulary

Posted by Shawna on 5/13/06
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    On 5/10/06, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 5/10/06, Shawna wrote:
    > I know it differs
    >> from bird to bird,but I've never read if they can have a
    >> large vocabulary are not.And if theres an age when they
    >> stop learning new words?
    > Welcome to the site Shawna! It isn't that busy now, but...
    > I have a female Red Belly. She is an absolute delight,
    > always has been, since the day I brought her home. She is
    > a "Mama's girl".
    > As you said, each bird is different, and I am sure that
    > are Red Bellies who have a very large vocabulary. I know of
    > one on another board I used to visit. That bird had at
    > 50 words it knew and used.
    > Mine (Darby is her name) says "I love you", "Go nite nite"
    > and a couple other things, that were just learned because I
    > say them to her when I put her to sleep, but I never
    > actually "teach" her words. She does get a lot of out of
    > cage time and lots of hands on affection.
    > Good luck, they are wonderful birds! Enjoy her..:)
    > Cheryl