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Re: Red Belly vocabulary

Posted by Cheryl on 5/13/06
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    I told him we could
    > find a male for him, and he would be all his...literally. Iím
    > hoping he falls for it. LOL
    > Shawna

    Sounds to me that she has a great vocabulary already! As far as
    her beign a bitign machine to your hubby, how old is your bird?
    Although Darby's loyalties have not changed, lots of birds
    change "favorites" around the time of sexual maturity.

    I did want to say that there is no guarantee which sex of bird will
    attach to which sex of human...I had always thought that the male
    birds attached more to their female owners, and vice versa...and
    have since learned that is definitely not always the case, so if
    you get a bird for your hubby, that bird may decide that it is in
    love with you also!