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Re: I think I need some assistance...

Posted by Jessica on 7/01/06
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    Hello! Sorry to hear that your senegal has suddenly become
    afraid of you. By your description of the events, it
    doesn't seem like you have done anything wrong to cause this.

    I do breed red-belly parrots (from the same family as
    senegals), and have seen that sometimes they go through
    a "phobic" stage where they become afraid of just about
    everything. I've attached a link to the bottom for you to
    click on. It'll take you to my webpage where I discuss red-
    bellies. Down on the bottom of this page, you'll find a
    short description of the phobic stage. It was written with
    red-bellies in mind, but I've heard that senegals sometimes
    go through this as well.

    From your description, I would say that you didn't do
    anything to cause this. It just happens sometimes.
    Whatever spooked your senegal and made her fly out of her
    cage probably triggered it. She was happy to see her larger
    day-time cage because she is afraid of the smaller one
    (that's where she was first frightened).

    This kind of thing does pass, but it takes a little while.
    Patience and gentleness is the key, as you'll need to re-
    build the trust relationship you had with your senegal
    before this happened.

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