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Re: I think I need some assistance...

Posted by mark on 7/05/06
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    Hi Kelsey How are you doing? Senegal go through phobic
    stages off and on .My 8 yr. old male still has a panic
    attacks every once in a while. It very normal for
    senegals.Do as you did . Try to calm her down and talk to
    her for a while .Now that she can fly , she may try to
    become more independent.senegals are like that. Do get her
    wings clipped.Also she might have picked the big cage as her
    home and feel more secure in it. She may not want to go back
    to the small cage to roost ,she may want to stay in the big
    cage all the time now. Just a few things to think about. I
    have a orange belly senegal with yellow on his back. We have
    alot of fun together but he can be a hand full.A little bird
    with a big bird attitude. Take care mark

    On 6/30/06, Kelsey wrote:
    > Hello everyone...I'm in need of advice...please read! Sorry
    > it's so long, but I'm guessing the more info you have the
    > better.
    > My senegal (about 1 1/2ish years old) has been acting very,
    > very strange yesterday and today. She is getting to where
    > she needs to have her wings clipped, and just about a week
    > or two ago I noticed that she was gliding just a little bit
    > farther than she should be...but then all of a sudden, in
    > the last 3 days, she's been taking flight rather easily, so
    > my plan was to take her to get her wings clipped tomorrow
    > (I'm not comfy doing it myself, so I'd rather be safe than
    > sorry). Well, she's been trying to fly quite a bit since
    > she's realized that she can, and I've been keeping her in
    > her cage for that reason, I've had one bird fly away, I
    > don't want history to repeat itself.
    > Last night, she got spooked for no reason that I saw, and
    > flew off of the door of her cage and into the closet door
    > the other side of the room, I went and picked her up and
    > didn't think much of it. She didnt look hurt, so I put her
    > in her night cage and covered it up like I do every night.
    > This morning, instead of her being cozy'd up and sleeping
    > her perch, she was almost frantic to get out of her cage,
    > and was already hanging on the cage door trying to get out.
    > I picked her up, and put her in her big cage (where she
    > stays during the day) and as soon as she saw it, she JUMPED
    > off of my hand and into her cage, then got as far away from
    > me as quickly as possible, like she's absolutly terrified
    > me. now, normally, I have to put her in her cage while she
    > tries to run up my arm to stay out of her cage and on me.
    > When I later reached in her cage to get her water and food
    > bowls, she freaked out, started flapping like crazy and
    > sqwaking a little bit and again, got as far away from me as
    > possible. At first I was thinking maybe she was mad at me
    > for whatever reason (she's got quite the attitude at times
    > lol) but she's not acting mad, she's acting scared.
    > All afternoon, she would step up just fine on me after I
    > calmed her down in her cage, then as soon as I got her out,
    > she would try to fly away. She is such an affectionate
    > I can't imagine her trying to get away from a head scratch.
    > Now, she's panting on my shoulder, hasn't tried to fly
    > but is wide eyed and breathing kind of hard. she hasn't
    > any where near as vocal as she is even on a quiet day, and
    > when she does make noise, it almost sounds like she's got
    > laryngitis. She will sit on my shoulder fine, even let me
    > get REALLY close with my head or face, and she shows no
    > aggression, but as soon as I try to rub her head or touch
    > her in any way other than her perching on me, she spazzes
    > out and jumps off of me.
    > I'm afraid that she hurt herself last night when she flew
    > into the closet...any other suggestions would be greatly
    > appreciated. I'm trying to locate an emergency avian vet
    > (I'm in Ft Myers, FL if any of you know of one) so I can
    > her looked at this weekend.
    > Let me know what you think, or if you've ever heard of this
    > behavior before and I'm just over reacting. thank you...
    > ~Kelsey & the Silly Lillie