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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Cheryl on 8/18/06
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    On 8/18/06, Aly wrote:
    > Greetings to the board,
    > We recently have adopted a 4yr. male Meyers. He is
    > doing well, has had his 72hr. relaxation and get to know
    > the environment time. Well, he is still somewhat nervous.
    > Except from being patient and letting him come to me what
    > other things can I do. I've been feeding him fresh foods
    > by hand which he very HAPPILY takes (guess he LOVES pizza
    > and he really does - too cute). We put him on his playgym
    > and he pulled some handtoys apart with great joy(they are
    > the toys they are suppossed to shred). I've been sitting
    > near his cage to read and I talk to him quietyl. Overall,
    > anyone who has Meyers or knows about any info would be
    > greatly appreciated. He was very tame but hasn't been
    > handled much recently and has gotten jealous of her other
    > birds. We know he wanted the attention from her but due to
    > time constants she gave him up.
    > Thanks in advance

    Congrats to you on your new friend. I think it is wonderful
    that you adopted an adult bird. Sounds like you got yourself
    a real sweetie! Just keep handling him and everything else
    just like you are already doing. Offer fresh broccoli,
    pasta, anything healthy you are eating...While you are eating
    something in front of him, give some to him, and eat
    together...It will reinforce a positive relationship between
    the two of you. It sounds like he feels right at home with
    you already..:)
    Meyers tend to be very sweet birds in general. Keep up the
    good work and keep us posted on your progress!