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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Aly on 8/18/06
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    That's the thing, I handled him at her house and he was good,
    eyes were dilating at first but then he calmed down in a matter
    of a minute. I allowed him his 72 hours and he came out
    eventually after I left the door open(she says he is cage
    aggressive but good on top of his cage-I know if he is higher
    he'll think he is more dominant). Well, I didn't push him, I'd
    walk quietly to the cage and talk to him soothingly. He would
    slowly walk the other way(no eye dilation). After an hour
    perhaps he randomly sucked in his feathers and flew off like ?
    something? started him (nothing happened we were watchin tv and
    none of us heard a loud bang on tv or at home). I walked over
    and he hopped onto my hand for comfort immediately. So I
    talked to him and eventually put him onto his playgym. He
    settled in quickly and tore apart some toys which you could see
    he was enjoying, he'd throw a ball or the carosel cylinder
    thing and I'd pick ip up and put it into his dish (we'd made
    quite the game out of it).

    Well, he hasn't come out or made an attempt since. I don't
    think it was tramatizing, he seems to be enjoying himself. So
    my assumption is to allow the cage to be open during his play
    hours and wait for him to come out. Hopefully in a few weeks
    he'll want my attention (his old owner had other birds and he
    got jealous b/c he had to share-he wanted HER attention). So,
    don't you agree, let him come back out over the next few weeks
    when he wants to??