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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Cheryl on 8/18/06
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    > don't you agree, let him come back out over the next few weeks
    > when he wants to??

    Just my opinion, but I have NEVER allowed my birds to come and go
    from their cages as they pleased. That gives a parrot way too
    much control and a good many birds can get carried away with
    control issues. I also never allow them to use their cages as
    play areas, because they WILL become very cage

    When I want them out (they have LOTS of out of cage time)it is
    because I go to the cage and have them step up from inside the
    cage and TAKE them out. When it is time for bed (or they need to
    go back into the cage if I need to leave, etc) I have them step
    up and I TAKE them to their cage, open the door and they step in
    and I close the door. I ahve never had any problems because I
    require all my birds to learn what "up" means from the get go. I
    practice it with them even during play sometimes. I still ladder
    them ocassionally, just to reinforce the fact that I am alpha

    I don't recall if you mentioned it or not, but I also highly
    recommend keeping a parrots wings (both of them) clipped at all
    times. Knowing they are capable of flight, many birds will
    become too big for their little britches...LOL