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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Aly on 8/18/06
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    He already knows step up and as soon as you tell him he lifts his foot
    ready for your hand. I think she tramatized him by getting him out
    roughly before. He wouldn't come out for her and she chased him around
    the cage. Right now I actually have him out on my knee and he is
    sitting here patiently ringing the phone and mumbling. What I did was
    put a dumbell into the cage to try and make him step up. I didnt want
    to scare him and chase him so I rested it onto a perch til he calmed
    down. As soon as I moved he'd freak and run else where. He bites when
    you get close enough-he won't lash at you but he clicks and warns you.
    If you continue to chase him he then bites you. I can see he gets very
    upset and agitated when you go in his cage. What I did was slowly calm
    him down and after perhaps 4 min. of him upsetting himself I think he
    realized ''I'' was not chasing him just following slowly. I then put
    the perch to his tummy and told him up-up. He did and I brought him
    out but then he flew to the floor and ran to my hand. I don't think he
    is being dominant he literally runs in fear, to any perch, the bottom
    of the cage etc. She chased him and he kept trying to bite her but she
    never got close enough. I'm not quite sure now just how tame he really
    was since he is nervous but I'm typing with him on arm and he is
    preening my arm hair. What is your opinion on using the dowel, for
    now. My intentions are to overcome his running and then when he steps
    up perfectly from the same spot he was in I'll try to use my hand. She
    said he will bite and I right now atleast have no doubt in my mind he

    Again, thanks soooooooo much.
    His wings are clipped he glides to the floor like he should, just
    enough so he doesn't face plant but not too much that he flies-
    basically, he is clipped properly on both wings.