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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Cheryl on 8/18/06
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    Hi Aly.

    The perch is a great tool to use since he already knows what "step up"
    is. That is half the battle. Keep doing what you are doing, with the
    dowel. It wouldn't be the worst thing if you needed to use the dowel to
    remove him from the cage, you know? As long as he behaves once outside
    the cage, that is really what counts, and since their cage is their
    castle, they should feel safe there, of course.

    I am sure you two will be just fine in a very short period of time. We
    didn;t talk about shoulder time...Please do not let him onto your
    shoulder this early in your relationship, (if you intend to EVER let him
    up there). If you do, after you and he have built a lot of trust and
    mutual respect, only allow him a bit of shoulder time if YOU place him
    there and he steps right up when you want him down.

    He sounds like a great bird and I am sure you'll share many, many years
    of love and fun times together!