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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Ann on 8/19/06
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    On 8/18/06, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 8/18/06, Aly wrote:
    >> That does make perfect sense; she said he will bite you if your
    >> hand is inside the cage but if he is out and on it he won't. My
    >> question then, how do I get him to stop biting then? I can see how
    >> agitated he gets if you go to put your hand inside, his eyes dilate
    >> and he flattens his feather and clicks. Should I use a dumbell and
    >> make him step onto that until he get better and realizes what I
    >> want and that I'm the dominant one? Help with this, I'm unsure how
    >> to fix his "inside" cage aggression.
    >> THANKS so much Cheryl
    > If he is giving an ACTUAL bite, like to break skin, as apossed to
    > just trying to make you move, then I'd towel him to remove him from
    > tthe cage. Remain very calm while doing this. Take the bird to a
    > neutral room where you will be doing his step up training. It can be
    > a bathroom (mirrors covered if he is flighted (you should have him
    > clipped before training though) and toilet bowl closed)and put him on
    > your knee...Talk softly to him, and gently push your finger into him
    > at the point that his lefs meet his body, telling him "step up"
    > or "up" firmly. When he has stepped up, LAVISH praise on him...GOOD
    > BOY, GOOD BOY, whatever you want to say, and make your voice very
    > happy and enthusiastic. Keep doing it, and always give the
    > command "step up" or "up" first. Laddering is the same thing, just
    > doing it as "up, up, up, up, up" alternating fingers of both hands.
    > If he flies off or doesn't step up in the beginning, be very patient
    > and remain calm. Always end on a happy and friendly note and give
    > him a treat, but ALWAYS be sure that when you end the training
    > session, it is after he HAS stepped up...When he is doing it
    > automatically, from different areas/rooms in the house, (train from
    > different places, like from the back of a chair, from his playstand,
    > etc, so he learns that it doesn't matter where he is at any given
    > time...that if you say step up, that is what he needs to do. When he
    > gets pretty good at it (they are so smart, it doesn't take long)then
    > practice it when he is in his cage...Give him the "step up" command
    > as soon as you open the cage door, in a firm voice.
    > Good luck, and if you want to e-mail me, you are more than welcome to!

    What kinds of birds do you have Cheryl? You seem to know a lot!