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Re: Proudly owned by a new Meyers Parrot

Posted by Cheryl on 8/19/06
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    > What kinds of birds do you have Cheryl? You seem to know a lot!

    I have lived with parrots for over 20 years. I've also done some rescue,
    rehabbed them, and found them new permanent loving homes. Some that I
    have shared my home with over the years include an Eleanora Cockatoo,
    Goffins Cockatoo, Blue Headed Pionus, a Grey Cheeked Parakeet and various
    Cockatiels and Budgies.

    My present flock consists of my Red Belly Parrot (who I adore) and also 2
    Parrotlets. I do not breed, so I only keep the number of pets that I can
    realistically take care of in the manner that I believe pets should be
    taken care of. My 2 Parrotlets are bonded to eachother...They remain
    very sweet when they are handled away from eachother, but they are very
    close with eachother so I could never cage them seperately, and I love
    that they have a permanent live in friend at all times, because I spend
    so much time with Darby (my Red Belly) and also my 7 dogs!!!