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Re: *Update*

Posted by Debbie on 8/22/06
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    OH thats so good to hear. I would get a special treat to
    give to it to maybe chum him. It makes me mad if one of my
    birds likes my son better because he teases me as he is
    petting her. I have to clean up and feed them PLUS listen to
    her (amazon) and he comes home on weekends and gets to enjoy
    them oh thats just not fair!! But this one bird has been
    abused and in many homes before and I am so glad she likes
    him like she does.
    We have had her for 3 years now but she still doesnt trust
    women no matter what I do. It was the same way at her
    previous house she likes the man and would bite for the bone
    the women but they just didnt have the time for her.
    Its gonna take a lot of time or until she is ready but for
    now that bird and I have a little special time everyday.
    I want to watch and see what other write on this too.
    Take care and enjoy your bird as much as possible.

    On 8/22/06, Aly wrote:
    > Greetings once again,
    > Our new Meyers who was nervous and cage aggressive is
    > now doing wonderful. He is enjoying back strokes and neck
    > rubs very much. We are even putting our hand in his cage
    > for up-ups already!! So perhaps he wasn't cage aggressive
    > just scared, duh .
    > My worry now however is he prefers my mom over me.
    > We'll be sitting at the kitchen table with his toys and
    > playgym -he always runs to her first and then again and
    > again. I read that they usually are a family oriented
    > but could he develop a bond with her alone. I know it is
    > possible but do they commonely do that? He is DNA'd as a
    > male so???? What do I look for? Will be he mean to me,
    > tolerate me?
    > As always
    > THANKS