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Re: *Update*

Posted by Cheryl on 8/23/06
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    On 8/22/06, Aly wrote:
    > Greetings once again,
    > Our new Meyers who was nervous and cage aggressive is
    > now doing wonderful. He is enjoying back strokes and neck
    > rubs very much. We are even putting our hand in his cage
    > for up-ups already!! So perhaps he wasn't cage aggressive
    > just scared, duh .
    > My worry now however is he prefers my mom over me.
    > We'll be sitting at the kitchen table with his toys and
    > playgym -he always runs to her first and then again and
    > again. I read that they usually are a family oriented bird
    > but could he develop a bond with her alone. I know it is
    > possible but do they commonely do that? He is DNA'd as a
    > male so???? What do I look for? Will be he mean to me,
    > tolerate me?
    > As always
    > THANKS

    Hi Aly.

    Great to hear that the step ups are going so well. AS far as
    bird bonding, most birds will have their favorite
    person...There is really nothing you can do to "change" a
    bird's mind...Just continue handling the bird a lot to keep
    him tame to you also, and I suggest that you take him on
    outtings/car rides/etc...just him and you. (be sure he is in
    a travel carrier with some treats and some apple/orage, etc,
    for when he gets thirsty.
    As far as him being DNA'd, I have found that contrary to
    popular belief, a bird's sex is not a factor in determining
    if it will become more bonded to a male or a female human. I
    have had female birds that become totally in love with my
    husband to the point of laying eggs for him, and would have
    severed my finger if I dared get too close when he was in the
    same room...My Red Belly is a female, and she is totally in
    love with me...Has been from the day I brought her home with
    me at 3 months of age, so who knows?